colourful life

colourful life


a Simplex mind

simple + complex = simplex

there is only one word to describe my life for the next two weeks - BUSY.
and I have start feeling irritated for the over-busy-life.

Dancing....I'v not much skills on it, and at this moment, I don't know what I actually want for.
Do myself really love dancing? or I just simply enjoy the movement of body together with the music?
I have no idea.
Ya, I super-duper enjoyed the dancing class on last 2 weeks.
But when things go on, time passed, the negative side start showing out...silently....

utar dance club....hmmm...they do almost everything in last minute.
inflexible time arrangement of dancing class and sudden-announcement, I hate that /.\
1st rehearsal  will be on this saturday, and my instructor made it as a compulsory.
WTF. I definitely choose to back hometown rather than going rehearsal, dont get it why they want to
have the rehearsal on fucking weekend ?! weekday cannot?? aish!!!!

fan dance for moral campaign.....everything going on smoothly....
Joelynn keep on pushing us to practice more...I think that she take it too serious.... 
We have two test this week, but we need to have fan dance practice from monday--wednesday.....
ehh.....really need so much practice meh?? =3=
some more....Joelynn's taste is quite....''traditional''....
our performance costume is cheongsam, high heels always look perfect with cheongsam izit??
but she wants us to wear 松糕鞋....ehh.....not making any sense for me (~ o ~)~zZ

Fashion show...NOOOOOOOOOOO~ T^T
wearing baju kebaya + high heels walking down from the nightmare!
I dont want to fall down infront of so many people!
Confidence! I need you so much!!! 
Wish me good luck during the runway show!!!

*I love dancing, especially performing dance on the stage, the problem is, I'm too lazy....and simplex mind sometimes will make me think too much until I lose my pleasure towards dancing....

*I love modeling. I like catwalk. Simplex mind always bring me back to the awkward moment when I was form 5, walk like a shit during the persatuan seni fashion show....




还好assignment都弄得七七八八了,但接下来ECS还要排演mini drama。闲啊 /.\
啊! 还要忙week 11的moral kempen.....
还有week 12的dance drama.....

Dance drama,我很乐意为你而忙,哈哈! 
结果....是一首可爱曲风的韩国歌 ( A pink- my my )
开头就要学微微的shuffling舞步了,我像个疯子一样在那边乱跳,eunice就一直狂笑 =3=
接下来的扭臀动作我很喜欢, 但......我没有屁股 T^T
再加上我昨天错误的outfit (宽松飞鼠裤), 更加看不到我身体的律动!
跟着拍子练一连串舞步的时候可以很顺,但音乐一下,我就开始乱了!!! ╭(╯^╰)╮
我真的要很努力练习!! TAT

在金宝度过周末是真的很闷的! 射手座最beh tahan闷了....haizz...
下个周末跟阿龟回hometown,期待! 虽然我去过penang了啦~哈哈!

就到这里呗~祝我练舞顺利吧!!! :)



Toothache from yesterday until now.....
What's wrong wif my teeth ? 
''Smart teeth'' pls dont pop out so fast, I'm not ready to welcome you yet!

Next week math test....I hate Probability! T^T

Later gonna go Tesco and check it out whether there gt cash deposit ATM machine or not.
I wan bank in to a handsome seller for the < J moment > album. hiak hiak hiak.
That guy quite handsome, and he suddenly called me yesterday to confirm my order, making me ss again! *ss -- syok sendiri.

Ala, wong juin jiet put aeroplane to me for 3 times jor! Sei papan!
At last I still cant see the souvenir that bought by onn for me and orang asli, aish! /.\

Soon.....friday is coming! should I go bek this week......haiz......I cant reach a decision......... 

I'm looking forward the next time gathering with my jimui gang......