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要死。今天一怒之下冲动的send了封投诉信给教育局。我的allowance啊!!!! 妈呀~我都快山穷水尽了,再不想法子把钱拿到手的话,吃草都有我的份了 =3=

回复我的是一个Puan。用词挺客气的,但好像不太相信我说的话.....Apalah, 我只好低声下气回复她跟她详细解释,最衰我忘记了上次来看我们的那两个蒙柄的名字,不然就有真凭实据了!

拜托啊,上次我们是11月17号拿到钱,距离现在都有5个月了,就算我不send email投诉,你们都该进钱了吧?过分!

哇,想想下我壮烈牺牲用自己的account 献伊妹儿投诉教育局,好像真的蛮恐怖一下.....教育局的人不会对付我的吧???

呵呵.....希望没事吧,最好明天可以拿到钱咯 (做梦ing)......


WTF you lazy lecturer!!!

Ms.Rajes, u r the laziest and stupidest lecturer I havent seen b4.

We wait and wait and wait for you to brief us abt the assignment, you promised us will 'try ur best' to upload it on WBLE last week.
(*I just wonder is tat so difficult to upload something until u nid to 'try ur best'? damn idiot.)

Finally, as what we expected, you din 'try ur best' at all. You only uploaded it today morning.

What The Fuck! we have only 3 weeks to prepare for our final, and you this stupid bodoh mangkuk babi rubbish moron have mess up my personal revision schedule!!!!!

some more got presentation!!!! dun ever ask me to cum bek during study week!!!! I will definitely throw you into the lake!!!!!!

Oh goshh......i dun understand why Ms Cheryl arranged you as our lecturer for 'General Principle of Education' dont even know how to make the class bcome interesting, and now you expect us to understand abt teaching methodology?! Bull Shit.

Sometimes, i forced myself to concentrate in your class. But ur speaking is too fast and u kinda enjoy 'private-speech'. *I guess. and at least others also think like tat. I'm not self-bias/stereotype ok? hehe.

You make me feel sick.

Mid-term you were like trying to fail all of us. you disgusting evil.
*tips? forget about it. what you gave us is just an ugly lie.

I dunnoe why you can be so stupid.

Today I've done my student survey.

Ms.Rajes, are u ready to jump into the lake? we all will giv u a vry low low low low low rating in student survey. oops! watch ur back! we gonna kick ur ass anytime anyway~