colourful life

colourful life


you will never get enough of Thailand

you will never get enough of Thailand.

Graduation trip might sound junior-ish for degree students, but who cares, we went and back with 101% no regret! Everyday was pack with scheduled activities, it's tiring yet full of joys. 3 pity bugs took turn undergo difference suffers within this 8 days journey - Mian the period cramps; Lydia the cold catcher and Fern the hangover. Gladly that they still manage to have fun during the trip, tons of blessed :)

Bangkok taxi drivers...I would say most of them are big cheater. They will give a lot of excuses to say no when you asked them to run the taxi meters because it's ALOT cheaper. We paid 300bht to get a taxi took us from our apartment to Chatuchak market which is only 4km away and after that when I browse through the meters counter list, 300bht is enough for us to go somewhere which is 50km away. TMD...transportation fees is always be our main concern in Thailand :( 

A part from that, everything is good. I never felt so 土豪 in Bangkok. You can literally just grab, pay and go when you shop at Bkk coz their clothes and shoes are so damn cheap! Another attraction that truly made me don't feel like going home is Pattaya. Night life there is dope - bar with awesome live band and various adults entertainment such as pole dancing show (not really sure what is that but sound so wrong, lol). I experienced oil massage in Pattaya and it's ah ah ah ah ah hen7 shuang! Well, it's my first time having a massage with only a small panties, interesting memory tho. The masseurs and us got too high while chatting until being complained by other masseur. Hehe. 咱们热情难却!

second day lunchie at 7eleven

one way bus trip only cost 6.50bht 


thanks for joining :)

Our bond is getting stronger after this trip...cause we all know will be hard for us to reunite again once we say goodbye to each other during the last day of this journey. 6 of us, from different parts in Malaysia, from north to south, east to west. So much flash back in my mind while I am writing this post. 5 and a half years in just a blink of eye. That complicated feeling....been throughly experienced sweet, sour and bitter in my degree life. I am proud. Proud to be Utarian, proud to be a part of EP group, and proud of my squad.

Jumping tone - Working life sucks, just like what I expected. Maybe it’s because I don’t have my passion in, and maybe it’s an underpaid job. Uni life is so good and carefree. I miss it already, that kind of miss is real bad. I hate growing up!



*7th August 2016*

purposely capitalize the full tittle because I FINALLY MADE IT! 

those who know me well will know that getting myself inked is my dream since secondary school.
and after such a long while, during the final semester of my university life,
this life goal had been achieved :) 

I did two. yes. TWO. but considered small, both lettering. 
My tattoo artist is Raice Wong. She is pretty and real cute, my nervousness straight went down after talking to her. 

I did the first tattoo at my left lower back. Surprisingly, the pain is not that bad.
I don't even know Raice had started. 
yet, the painfulness is unsteady,  certain parts made me pain until.....

but definitely bearable. 
I even thought that I will fain or puke due to the sore. lol
My second tattoo is at my right hand waist.

aftercare is kind of troublesome. 
but it's all worth and I am now going through the healing process,
hoping the colour can turn out well.

ok. warning fot those who wish to get your first tattoo:

*keeping all bullshits talk cocks on how tattoo can ruin one's impression cause i dun k pls tq* 


After two+ months

I want to keep my hair long x I want to cut my hair shorter
ARGGHHHHHH this bug me a lot!

okey moving on.

Found that I seldom have dream since I started my practicum.
And then, it comes back after I finished my practicum. Wadahell.
Not really like dreaming, it makes me fell restless all the time.

The best thing about semester break is, I finally got time to brush up my ukulele skill!
Erhmm...although I tend to pick songs that are easy to learn...
Nevermind! At least my song lists do become richer and richer. *guilty smile*

There's plenty of things I wish to do but there's plenty of space in my purse -.-
If...only if I owe a car, I will be a super rajin part-time worker!
Earn more money to unlock my next and next and next bucket list.

I used to have two camera. One of em die. I'M SO FREAKING PISSED.

Next semester is all about FYP. No more studying, no more exam.
I will definitely miss those times :(
It's so unfair for us when we came to know that how easy for IPG students to gain an A.
No offense, but it's a FACT.
Can't blame anyone though, thanks UTAR for always pushing us to the limit that we though we couldn't reach at the first place.

okey my mind stuck at this moment. So, bye bye then!



渐渐地步入3月份 觉得时间过得快是因为自己每天都没时间享受生活
实习真忙 也许我还没这个资格嫌忙 比我忙的人多得是
可能太爱大学生活的脚步 让自己想逃避工作
老师啊 好呢就在都对着班小鬼头 对他们总好过对人心复杂的成年人
国小初体验 我居然 特快的把学生名字都记住了
一个星期的运动会彩排 跟学生的距离又更近一步了 真的很开心 :)

希望嘟嘟嚷嚷着 就可以等到和家人,好友姐妹出游的日子
(男友呢?)去年出太凶了 暂时先省着 哈哈
杰伦演唱会消息等得我都有点疲倦了 到底几时才肯公布
那时候 我就接近毕业了 到底该笑不笑

每天维持运动至少半小时 1年多过去了 才看到一丁点线条
现在的我 没想到能训练自己 晚餐吃少量甚至只喝美露麦片
好吧我知道听着很不健康 呵呵 我午餐吃很多的别担心别担心
宵夜狠心戒了 除非男友在 那就宣告失败 哈哈哈哈
以后工作了 很怕没时间运动了 想直接学国标舞 练瑜伽

24了 以前中学还一直吵陈先生 25岁我们就结婚好吗
现在想起来 根本就没辙啊 除非给我中六合彩吧 嘿嘿
两个人 共同努力吧 ❥



纹身这种世俗人眼中的另类艺术 小女子自中学就爱上了
没人影响我 就这么自然而然觉得很漂亮 而渐渐喜欢

而慢慢的 发现身边的人居然都有纹身
姑姑 婶婶 堂哥 表姐 还有小学朋友
最喜欢问的一句 当然是 痛吗?
可是....朋友却说....痛 ><

这两个礼拜因为闲着无事 我看回Daphne去刺青的video
她在里面疼得都没力说话了 我心实在的小颤抖了一下
然后 偏偏给我看到一集康熙说刺青的
黄小柔刺后腰 小小的一个“许”字 疼得她脸都白了
小S也说后腰很疼 她刺的时候第一针下去就后悔了 可是又不想留着个黑点很丑所以硬着头皮完成
看了这些我真的怕死了 很担心 因为自己很怕痛 可是又觉得纹后腰很好看
我要疯了 不知道还要不要去纹
第2天inbox慧仪 她就说我不要傻了 喜欢就纹 怕什么疼

我 不 再 需 要 用 纹 身 贴 纸 啦!

今年就去纹好吗? .__________.


Go with Happiness, Back with Appreciation

I thought August was busy enough. Here's come another busy month:
My favorite month biaaaaatch! 
Birthday Christmas NewYear countdown combo comes! 

Slide The City management had troublesome me for a while, well, long story, just forget about it.
It's the first time ever in Malaysia and we are lucky enough to be one of the participants! 
So many first time happened in our 2 days 1 night trip to Slide The City.

1. First time witnessing marriage proposal 
On the way preparing to get ourselves changing, we heard a guy singing Lee Hom's song. It's quite awful until we wanted to see who this joker is. Lol. Turned out that is actually a lovely guy trying to propose to his girl. They've been together 6 years and 7 months. And surely, it's a happy ending :)
Glad to be one of the witness for this everygirl-must-have wonderful life memory. Love is so powerful! 

2. First time having "I'm gonna die" thought 
 After we finished cleaning ourselves, while waiting for cab beside the highway,
We quickly ran into a small tan which supposed reserved specially for St.John crews, thanks them for willing to borrow out some space for us :)
Wind blew stronger and stronger each times, and the tan collapsed! So freaking scary!!! 
All of us together with St.John members quickly ran and switched into a bigger tan beside it.
This tan is supported by metal pillars yet it still goyang like crazy under the strong wind.
I started imagine all the scenes I watched in Final Destination. Fuck that shit.

3. First time getttimg my butt on Volkswagen 
It sounds sampat. Yes I am! I'm not a rich girl, so, yeah.
We got this nice guy, Jackson, ex-utarian, volunteering to fetch 6 of us go to Putrajaya Central.
6 of us, plus himself, 7.
Squeeze inside his Volkswagen. 
I can't think anything more paiseh than that. 

4. First time seeing runway show, LIVE. 
Lim Kok Wing University was having an award-giving ceremony in Pavillion. I was fortunate to see one of the collection done by their students.
28 pieces of full outfit design.
My blood ran fast while seeing the runway show. How I wished I can be that good. 
Fashion is not shallow. Fashion is art and meaningful, deeper than your damn asshole.

Future is so much depend on the way you spend your life. 
Surprise happens everyday everywhere, timing is the one determine your destiny.
Everyone deserve to be happy and being appreciated.
Spread good. 




飞机是早上845分。前一天我们搭了晚上11点的巴士下KLIA 2
KLIA 2 Starbuckscroissant是我吃过史上最差。千万别点!

其实在机场很难入睡。人来人往,还要顾着自己的行李 (毕竟还身处马来西亚, lol)
行李本来就可以check-in了。可是我们两个新手懵懵的apa pun tak tau
等到7点多才排队check-in, 还好赶得上登机时间 .___.


到达曼谷Don Mueong机场,很顺利的跟包车司机见面了。
车里有free wifi, 一堆的矿泉水任拿,还有Lays薯片!(我这位薯片狂魔打从内心咯咯笑了出来)


吃饱就先check in hotel。我们是那些无聊到4晚都换不同酒店的人。

之后就开始游客行。Santorini Park + Swiss Sheep Farm

从酒店沿路走下去,居然有个Huahin Night Village


之后收拾check out。早餐去了TripAdvisor介绍的eco café

吃饱后行程:Plearn Wan > The Venezia > Hua Hin Railway Station > Cha-am Beach

晚餐也是到TripAdvisor介绍餐厅:Putahracsa Resort Oceaside Beach Club
bonus点:有一对可爱的洋人情侣特别在沙滩上安排烛光晚餐 J

 第二间酒店是Serenity Hua Hin。稍嫌普通,想走路外出也不方便。
搞笑的是酒店电视机播On Call 36, 然后是泰文版的。

曼谷check in Glow Pratunam Hotel
行人天桥下对面就是出名的Platinum MallPratunam Market
午餐….. Condom Café。食物很好吃! 还附送2个安全套 ==

晚餐就去到了曼谷must go: Chocolate Ville
那里的食物和夜景真的是heavenly good

4th Day基本上没什么行程。只去了Asiatique The Riverfront
我跟陈先生放好了tripod stand准备拍照,有个小男孩看到居然跑了过来站在陈先生隔壁,我们就这样拍了“全家福” xD

晚餐在Baan Khanitha (据说是最正宗泰国餐)解决。
*Asiatique The Riverfront真的很好逛,切记是傍晚5才开哦!我们3点就到那边了像白痴一样等到5 ><