colourful life

colourful life


It's about anniversary

First of all, I would like to say a thousand thanks to my parent for trusting me and letting me to have an overnight trip with Mr.Chin. We both are good kids, no worries! :P 

It just a short and simple getaway with my beloved one. To celebrate our 6th anniversary :)

1st Day (27th September 2014)
We departed late. My bad. He nagged me for the entire afternoon due to this =w= 
It's started raining heavenly right after we passed the tol. He was damn worried coz we hardly to see the road and the only thing I can do is asking him to drive slow. Haha. Useless me :3 
Thanks God we reached Penang island safely and our first food hunting spot was The Voice Cafe!

It is located nearby Queensbay and Eastin Hotel. Quite easily to be found. 
The Voice Cafe served western cuisine but their signature is actually the......

Jumbo Size Ramee! 
It comes with 4 different type of soup for the customers to choose.
We picked Japanese Pork. The taste is far more awesome than what I expected! 
He love it alot! Haha!

The street is kinda empty during the time we went. So yeah. Photo-taking session!




After that is checking in hotel.
Our hotel is at Tanjung Bunga area, beside Flamingo Hotel. 
It costed us only RM160, through online booking. 

I was amazed by their beach view <3 
Picture snapping time!

ini orang buat ape... lol

This is one of my favorite photo of the year. We actually not yet get ready in front of the camera.

1) Time setting to 10 seconds.
2) I run towards him and hopped on his back.
3) Time is ticking and I was so nervous, keep yelling to him: move forward abit! fast move!
4) He keep saying: wei wei wei, how to move! how to move! cannot see our head dy!!
5) And we both laughed and *kacha*

We went to gym to have some minor workout for 30 minutes.

Getting ready for pre-anniversary dinner. Everything is in rush.
I got not enough time to completely dry out my hair as I need to do my make up at the same time, 
and the lovely him help me out for that. Thanks :D


close up for make up of the day.

Originally planned to go Bora-bora by Sunset Restaurant. 
Have our last-minute changed to The Ship. 
Went to here before during the day time with Jinneh them. Haha. 
Their steaks are the best in town! Minimum RM47.90 for a steak -.-
So me and him decided to order chicken chop. (cut budget mah...)
Not bad though! Quite a big portion too!

I teased by a bunch of Indian guys at the parking slot.
They speak Hokkien, saying that I look like ang mo.
Lol. I take it as a compliment. Kamxia  :3
Mr.Chin scared they will hurt me so he pulled my hand and walked very fast to his car. Teehee.  

We went to have a walk in Hard Rock Hotel.
Oh gosh I love this place!
I love everything there. The cafe, the lobby, the live band performance, the beach and the swimming pool! 
This is my first time ever sitting at the beach during the night. 
I terpijak something when I walked on the sand with my barefoot, it terrified me (what a coward -.-)
I'm scared of crab and jellyfish. If I accidentally step on one of them, I will scream like no one.

2nd Day (28th September 2014)
We had our breakfast at Ferringhi Cafe Garden.
Their breakfast is........DAMAZING.
I think Plan B at Ipoh should learn more from them ==
Nice environment, friendly waiters, the best part of it is the price.
It is totally affordable and reasonable. 
They will serve out the coffee when they saw you are nearly finished your meal to make sure that the coffee is still warm to drink. 
How nice!

No way you dont love their beef bacon! *mouth-watering*

Swimming time right after we get back to our hotel!
Basically....he is the only 1 that swim. lol 
Snap! Snap! Snap again! 

Went to Gurney Plaza after checking out.
Movie time: The Golden Brother.
Bosco Wong sibeh handsome! Hehe.



Finally got the chance to try Bingsu! 
Not bad. But I expect to have more topping.
We ordered Coffee and Cookies&Cream flavor.

Thanks Mr.Chin for making me laugh, becoming my only sunshine for these six years.
I am too playful and hyperactive, and sometimes will make you pik cik because of that. Teehee.
I am too young to get old, both mentally and physically :P
You are the one that playing the mature role, tolerate with me all the time.
Love is not about words, is about actions.
And I believe that we both had did it well to prove that we are always love and care of each other.
There are more years to come.
We are ready and prepare for anything . Are we? ^^




New hair colours

Went to have my 5th hair dye at last Tuesday.
Yes, it's only the 5th time of mine, actually it's not that much right? hehe.

I got my 1st (brownish golden) and 2nd (dark red) hair dye at my hometown saloon.
3rd (greenish golden + a stripe of dark pink) at K-Wave, Pengkalan.
4th (classic purple!) at VIC, Kampar.
And this time, for SURE, I choose VIC again! As their hair colours are so damn nice and chio plus their services are awesomely professional!

I wish to get blonde. I took Daphne's and Serena's photo as sample and showed it to my hairstylist, Vic (the tauke of the saloon).
He told me that I need to bleach 3 times if I wanna get Daphne's hair colour.
God dammit. 3 layer of bleaching. No, No,No.
So I asked Vic to decide the colour for me.
And ya, I got my inner lowest part of my hair highlighted. Mixed up of 3 colours (orange, blue and pink).

The whole process took me 8 hours. 8 hours -.-

I am SO SO SO satisfied with the results!!!
The highlighted part is SUPERB GORGEOUS (for me la. haha).

This is what it looks like after bleaching...ya...just bleaching, without applying any colour. 

you have no idea how much I love it!

More than satisfied <3

It is quite surprising that I actually looked fairer with blonde hair.
Loving my hair so much <3
Thank you VIC!

pony tail looks great with blonde colour too! 

Thanks for Jinneh's accompanied and the sudden visited of Alison and Audrey.
I had a great supper night with 3 of them as well as Simran :)



约了jinneh, sek fan, mian, pei en 还有 william。
到最后只有mian, pei en 和 william 来得了。
而William 早上和 Leon上怡保了,所以晚上就直接来这里。

打边炉的料好多,超丰富的 <3
阿霍和阿邦蛮照顾我的朋友的,再一次为他们的绅士风度 *鼓掌鼓掌*!

我在旁边竟然...大笑不止 == 原因是这一幕太像电影情节了,好不真实啊!
阿邦救mian的时候,mian的双手还是环抱着他的肩头的 (淫笑ing...)。
第二幕是pei en不懂被谁拉到去泳池深处,然后两个半裸男 (不要曝露你们身份啦哈哈), 就围着她要拉她去更深处玩。我傻呆呆啊。2男一女在泳池让我仿佛进入了"喜爱夜蒲"情节里!
真是第一次啊,第一次看到这班饥饿男怎么饥饿法 :3

Pei En 还傻傻问我为何男生都不大敢欺负我。
哈哈哈哈哈哈! 好有江湖大佬的味道!

酒量有在提升的趋势 *yeah!



Happiness Overload

Have been invited William, Audrey, Mian and Alison to visit my house from last semester.
We kept on delaying the plan as we were too busy on events and assignments and replacement classes.
Finally, we got to do this during last Thursday.

I was happy. Really really happy until you have no idea how happy I am :)

I really love to have my friends staying in my home.
Eat together, watch TV together, chat until late night.
Plus my sister also came back during that time. Bonus for me :)

Thursday we got no plan. The funniest memory was during dinner time together with my parents.
I always like to see my dad joking around with my friends.
Ya, they do laugh a lot. I was charmed by my dad. Hahahaha!
William became a totally different person in front of my parents, he got parent-phobia I guess. Lol.

Friday we went to Chendrong to have Dao Ma Qie for breakfast.
Then went to ear-piercing, after that was dessert time at 华都.

At night, we had dinner at Tan Sai Gai Steamboat. Fabulous night.
It reminds me of my CNY gathering. :D
The ice-cream corner there used to have a bottle of Hershey chocolate syrup for us to pour on the ice-cream, now it'd replace by a SUPER BIG POT of hot chocolate!
We can use it to either match with the ice-cream or dip with the fruits and eat. Impressive!!!  <3
My belly grew one more layer. Zzz...

After dinner, we girls had a special movie night at my guest room. Unforgettable.
Meanwhile, William was busying work out at the living room in the middle of the night. Lol.

Saturday, food hunt. 
Foo Shan Dim Sum > Burger Camp > 奇峰 Taofu Fa
In between of the journey we got the chance to visit some of the Ipoh Street Art as well. 

Sunday, food hunt + break the code.
Plan B for brunch. What is my opinion for this cafe? Pricey -.-
yet, their cuisines are totally awesome :)
We saw Gary Yeap 叶俊岑 there. 
Not planning to go and ask for a picture with him. Sorry. Lol.

Break the code game is something like escape room.
There have 4 different themes for you to choose, and each theme has different level of difficulties.
We choose the Pirates Theme, difficulty level = 3 and a half stars out of 5.
I am not the smart one, erhmm...obviously? Haha. 
So I was basically just do all the 琐碎 stuffs and most of the time I was playing around with the props inside the rooms =w=
We have to break total up 9 codes in 4 rooms if I'm not mistaken, within 1 hour.
Our time was up when we reached the third room but we still can continue playing it.
There was a fake skeleton inside the last room, and I love it so much!! :3
One side of the skeleton's leg had patah, and I keep carrying that leg and kacau others. Hahahaha!

The Game Master was really nice and helpful, humorous enough too!

There is a photography zone beside the reception area. 
Tons of props and costume for us to choose and play with. 

After that, we went to eat Taofu Fa again.
But this time went to 旺记 :)

There goes our four days Ipoh trip.
I was undergoing emotionally down during Sunday night.
These 4 days were really cheer me up alot. 

When happiness is overload, it's really hard to held it back.
Back to the reality, exam is coming TT

Good luck everyone! <3