colourful life

colourful life


After two+ months

I want to keep my hair long x I want to cut my hair shorter
ARGGHHHHHH this bug me a lot!

okey moving on.

Found that I seldom have dream since I started my practicum.
And then, it comes back after I finished my practicum. Wadahell.
Not really like dreaming, it makes me fell restless all the time.

The best thing about semester break is, I finally got time to brush up my ukulele skill!
Erhmm...although I tend to pick songs that are easy to learn...
Nevermind! At least my song lists do become richer and richer. *guilty smile*

There's plenty of things I wish to do but there's plenty of space in my purse -.-
If...only if I owe a car, I will be a super rajin part-time worker!
Earn more money to unlock my next and next and next bucket list.

I used to have two camera. One of em die. I'M SO FREAKING PISSED.

Next semester is all about FYP. No more studying, no more exam.
I will definitely miss those times :(
It's so unfair for us when we came to know that how easy for IPG students to gain an A.
No offense, but it's a FACT.
Can't blame anyone though, thanks UTAR for always pushing us to the limit that we though we couldn't reach at the first place.

okey my mind stuck at this moment. So, bye bye then!