colourful life

colourful life


5周年庆 5th anniversary :)

Officially become Xiaxue and Hana Tam's super fans!
Both of them are so real and funny and cute!
I spent my 1st two weeks of sem break by watching Xiaxue's blogs/videos and Hana's instagrams/videos.
Learnt alot of things from both of them, especially in girly stuffs like hair done and make up.

So....back to the topic....
yesterday was the 5TH ANNIVERSARY of me and Mr.Chin! *lots of love!
it's a delightful day, we keep ki siao-ing and laughing for the whole night.
It's not just our anniversary celebration, but also a FAREWELL for him,
coz he is going to start his degree life at UNITEN, Putrajaya. Gonna miss him alot, like seriously. 

I suppose to cry on yesterday night, but I din.
He tease on me: "Grow up jor lor? Din cry this time? Last time I went Penang only nia u also cry like hell."
I said: "Ya la, still cry meh, you tot I'm still a small girl meh~"
and we both started laughing again... (actually there is no point to laugh but don't know why both of us like to laugh on nothing =_= )

Here I want to post about my pre-celebration preparation! Teeheee...

After bathing and putting on my newly opened brown colour contact lens.

Sorry for showing out such scary picha. Just wanna let you all see the lens colour. Haha. Quite natural. Like an ang-moh kuan mia style.

Dry my hair.

Have my BB cream and eye shadow on. Let's zoom in to see my eye shadow area :) 

The colour tone is basically made up of gold, yellow and brown. I am damn happy for the result! It was so shiny yet un-heavy, and you can actually see the 渐层 effect! Learnt it from Hana's make up tutorial *wink!

Next is of course, eyeliner. Not so obvious though. Just a tiny line, try to avoid dramatic looks.

Not doing cat-eye effect. like...going out for a date with a pair of cat-eyes will make you look older...I guess? Lol.

Seldom using lip gloss. Because I have a natural reddish lips! Haha. I applied it just to moisture up my lips. PLEASE DON'T EVER KISS YOUR BF WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR LIP GLOSS ON. IT IS DAMN GROSS! except for wedding la. 

Finished-up! Taaadaaa! :D


Having our dinner at Gossip Jazz, Greentown.

Movie-time at Aeon Station 18. Romance comedy <About Time> ♥

He bought me a HUGE MANDORA doll!
I am freaking surprise till my tears also wan to drop out dy T^T

Mr.Chin, thanks for everything! Appreciate. Keep our faith till the end! Love ya!


extra: Introducing one of the Hana's make up tutorial video to you all
Enjoy :)