colourful life

colourful life


you will never get enough of Thailand

you will never get enough of Thailand.

Graduation trip might sound junior-ish for degree students, but who cares, we went and back with 101% no regret! Everyday was pack with scheduled activities, it's tiring yet full of joys. 3 pity bugs took turn undergo difference suffers within this 8 days journey - Mian the period cramps; Lydia the cold catcher and Fern the hangover. Gladly that they still manage to have fun during the trip, tons of blessed :)

Bangkok taxi drivers...I would say most of them are big cheater. They will give a lot of excuses to say no when you asked them to run the taxi meters because it's ALOT cheaper. We paid 300bht to get a taxi took us from our apartment to Chatuchak market which is only 4km away and after that when I browse through the meters counter list, 300bht is enough for us to go somewhere which is 50km away. TMD...transportation fees is always be our main concern in Thailand :( 

A part from that, everything is good. I never felt so 土豪 in Bangkok. You can literally just grab, pay and go when you shop at Bkk coz their clothes and shoes are so damn cheap! Another attraction that truly made me don't feel like going home is Pattaya. Night life there is dope - bar with awesome live band and various adults entertainment such as pole dancing show (not really sure what is that but sound so wrong, lol). I experienced oil massage in Pattaya and it's ah ah ah ah ah hen7 shuang! Well, it's my first time having a massage with only a small panties, interesting memory tho. The masseurs and us got too high while chatting until being complained by other masseur. Hehe. 咱们热情难却!

second day lunchie at 7eleven

one way bus trip only cost 6.50bht 


thanks for joining :)

Our bond is getting stronger after this trip...cause we all know will be hard for us to reunite again once we say goodbye to each other during the last day of this journey. 6 of us, from different parts in Malaysia, from north to south, east to west. So much flash back in my mind while I am writing this post. 5 and a half years in just a blink of eye. That complicated feeling....been throughly experienced sweet, sour and bitter in my degree life. I am proud. Proud to be Utarian, proud to be a part of EP group, and proud of my squad.

Jumping tone - Working life sucks, just like what I expected. Maybe it’s because I don’t have my passion in, and maybe it’s an underpaid job. Uni life is so good and carefree. I miss it already, that kind of miss is real bad. I hate growing up!