colourful life

colourful life



从小就很爱作弄人 也不懂干嘛 就很有成就感 哈哈哈
好啦 总有一天报应会找上我

尤其是barbie doll
我们把barbie doll衣服趴光然后头发弄得乱乱的
摇晃着barbie doll向表弟前进 有够变态
表弟都快吓死了 在我家胡乱飞奔躲我们

然后眼睁睁看着同学坐下去了 自己什么也没说 等看好戏
默默倒数着 结果同学张大口 连喊都没声音就跑去厕所了
那时我居然还笑得出来 ==

同学一屁股跌坐在地上的样子我现在还记得很清楚 :3
结果她不只跌了 还一整瓶水往自己身上倒
然后她就气哭了 我傻呆呆去
哈哈哈 想回我没被揍还真是万幸

上大学还是一样 找到机会就会皮痒作弄人
有次晚上跟同学去喝茶 桌子上摆了很漂亮的白蜡烛
我拿起来看才得知蜡烛是假的 火焰是用灯的效果形成
我就捧着蜡烛要给我室友看 然后假假不小心把蜡烛打翻了 丢在她大腿上
结果她喊超大声 我开心死了 哈哈哈哈哈
可怜的室友 幼稚的我 :3

以后我的小孩应该都是被我吓大的 ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿


Those dreams of mine

Aloha July :)
Found that I tend to turn my blog post into some sort of poem as it seems like I like to start or end each line with the same sentence. So, NO MORE POEM-MODE THIS TIME. 

I used to have dreams and used to believe that dreams can be easily come true as long as I've tried. But reality is a bitch. It doesn't cater what you need and it turned you down, again and again. 

Currently, I convinced myself that: Dreams, are for rich people. You know what I mean.

I amused those famous Malaysia bloggers especially Jane Chuck and Daphne, They achieved so much at the same age with me. I felt my life kinda empty compare with them. I wish I can have a cafe, I wish I can travel around without worrying much on my financial conditions, I wish I can get invited for fashion week, I wish I can be on the magazine cover page one day. 

Dreams are too huge. I am too greedy. 

Risk taker won. Perhaps. That's why I'm still here. 

Malaysia's politic sucks. It seriously upsetting me. So much. Damn much. 
I would like to pursue a master within two years after I graduated. 
If there is a chance, even a minor possibility, I wish to be in the PR field. 
Event and party planning company sound extremely fun!
Two dream courses and career of mine: PR and AV. 
See what am I taking now? English education course -.-

Can't tell what am I chasing right at this moment.
Maybe plain happiness will be just fine for me.

Once again I want to have a short getaway with my buddies. 
I really like beach, the breeze, and the wind, that make me feel nothing ever will be better than that.

Oh, ya. I always wish that, I can have a pair of 虎牙。