colourful life

colourful life



*7th August 2016*

purposely capitalize the full tittle because I FINALLY MADE IT! 

those who know me well will know that getting myself inked is my dream since secondary school.
and after such a long while, during the final semester of my university life,
this life goal had been achieved :) 

I did two. yes. TWO. but considered small, both lettering. 
My tattoo artist is Raice Wong. She is pretty and real cute, my nervousness straight went down after talking to her. 

I did the first tattoo at my left lower back. Surprisingly, the pain is not that bad.
I don't even know Raice had started. 
yet, the painfulness is unsteady,  certain parts made me pain until.....

but definitely bearable. 
I even thought that I will fain or puke due to the sore. lol
My second tattoo is at my right hand waist.

aftercare is kind of troublesome. 
but it's all worth and I am now going through the healing process,
hoping the colour can turn out well.

ok. warning fot those who wish to get your first tattoo:

*keeping all bullshits talk cocks on how tattoo can ruin one's impression cause i dun k pls tq*