colourful life

colourful life


Go with Happiness, Back with Appreciation

I thought August was busy enough. Here's come another busy month:
My favorite month biaaaaatch! 
Birthday Christmas NewYear countdown combo comes! 

Slide The City management had troublesome me for a while, well, long story, just forget about it.
It's the first time ever in Malaysia and we are lucky enough to be one of the participants! 
So many first time happened in our 2 days 1 night trip to Slide The City.

1. First time witnessing marriage proposal 
On the way preparing to get ourselves changing, we heard a guy singing Lee Hom's song. It's quite awful until we wanted to see who this joker is. Lol. Turned out that is actually a lovely guy trying to propose to his girl. They've been together 6 years and 7 months. And surely, it's a happy ending :)
Glad to be one of the witness for this everygirl-must-have wonderful life memory. Love is so powerful! 

2. First time having "I'm gonna die" thought 
 After we finished cleaning ourselves, while waiting for cab beside the highway,
We quickly ran into a small tan which supposed reserved specially for St.John crews, thanks them for willing to borrow out some space for us :)
Wind blew stronger and stronger each times, and the tan collapsed! So freaking scary!!! 
All of us together with St.John members quickly ran and switched into a bigger tan beside it.
This tan is supported by metal pillars yet it still goyang like crazy under the strong wind.
I started imagine all the scenes I watched in Final Destination. Fuck that shit.

3. First time getttimg my butt on Volkswagen 
It sounds sampat. Yes I am! I'm not a rich girl, so, yeah.
We got this nice guy, Jackson, ex-utarian, volunteering to fetch 6 of us go to Putrajaya Central.
6 of us, plus himself, 7.
Squeeze inside his Volkswagen. 
I can't think anything more paiseh than that. 

4. First time seeing runway show, LIVE. 
Lim Kok Wing University was having an award-giving ceremony in Pavillion. I was fortunate to see one of the collection done by their students.
28 pieces of full outfit design.
My blood ran fast while seeing the runway show. How I wished I can be that good. 
Fashion is not shallow. Fashion is art and meaningful, deeper than your damn asshole.

Future is so much depend on the way you spend your life. 
Surprise happens everyday everywhere, timing is the one determine your destiny.
Everyone deserve to be happy and being appreciated.
Spread good.