colourful life

colourful life


Bye august

viewed back my previous post, hmm, I love blogging in between the late afternoon. 

exhausted is my word-of-the-sem for this bloody semester.
truly wish that next semester will be less heavy, gimme some break dear UTAR! 

Vividar suggested me to have birthday party this year. 
well, I LOVE PARTY and I think I will have 1 for my 23rd birthday celebration. Teehee.
this year most probability will be my last bday celebration together with my uni-gang.
so much 舍不得. 
will make sure that everyone can enjoy till the max during the party :) 

recently bonded back with my primary school bestie - huiyee  (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭
it's a blessed gift to me.
she truly is a great listener and she is too lovely to describe, xoxo 
that feeling of getting people to understand you is priceless.
can't wait to meet her again during September! 

Bangkok and Huahin trip is always near yet so far.
damn my patience. why the fcuk I got no patience at all.
Hope everything goes well. 

Tattoo. Tattoo. Tattoo.
I'm a rebellious kid :(
I want it so much no matter how strongly my parents against it.
I want something meaningful to be inked on my body.
It's an art. It's a reminder for me too.
25 years old to get my very first tattoo and I'm starting to search for the best tattoo inspiration for myself.