colourful life

colourful life


It's about anniversary

First of all, I would like to say a thousand thanks to my parent for trusting me and letting me to have an overnight trip with Mr.Chin. We both are good kids, no worries! :P 

It just a short and simple getaway with my beloved one. To celebrate our 6th anniversary :)

1st Day (27th September 2014)
We departed late. My bad. He nagged me for the entire afternoon due to this =w= 
It's started raining heavenly right after we passed the tol. He was damn worried coz we hardly to see the road and the only thing I can do is asking him to drive slow. Haha. Useless me :3 
Thanks God we reached Penang island safely and our first food hunting spot was The Voice Cafe!

It is located nearby Queensbay and Eastin Hotel. Quite easily to be found. 
The Voice Cafe served western cuisine but their signature is actually the......

Jumbo Size Ramee! 
It comes with 4 different type of soup for the customers to choose.
We picked Japanese Pork. The taste is far more awesome than what I expected! 
He love it alot! Haha!

The street is kinda empty during the time we went. So yeah. Photo-taking session!




After that is checking in hotel.
Our hotel is at Tanjung Bunga area, beside Flamingo Hotel. 
It costed us only RM160, through online booking. 

I was amazed by their beach view <3 
Picture snapping time!

ini orang buat ape... lol

This is one of my favorite photo of the year. We actually not yet get ready in front of the camera.

1) Time setting to 10 seconds.
2) I run towards him and hopped on his back.
3) Time is ticking and I was so nervous, keep yelling to him: move forward abit! fast move!
4) He keep saying: wei wei wei, how to move! how to move! cannot see our head dy!!
5) And we both laughed and *kacha*

We went to gym to have some minor workout for 30 minutes.

Getting ready for pre-anniversary dinner. Everything is in rush.
I got not enough time to completely dry out my hair as I need to do my make up at the same time, 
and the lovely him help me out for that. Thanks :D


close up for make up of the day.

Originally planned to go Bora-bora by Sunset Restaurant. 
Have our last-minute changed to The Ship. 
Went to here before during the day time with Jinneh them. Haha. 
Their steaks are the best in town! Minimum RM47.90 for a steak -.-
So me and him decided to order chicken chop. (cut budget mah...)
Not bad though! Quite a big portion too!

I teased by a bunch of Indian guys at the parking slot.
They speak Hokkien, saying that I look like ang mo.
Lol. I take it as a compliment. Kamxia  :3
Mr.Chin scared they will hurt me so he pulled my hand and walked very fast to his car. Teehee.  

We went to have a walk in Hard Rock Hotel.
Oh gosh I love this place!
I love everything there. The cafe, the lobby, the live band performance, the beach and the swimming pool! 
This is my first time ever sitting at the beach during the night. 
I terpijak something when I walked on the sand with my barefoot, it terrified me (what a coward -.-)
I'm scared of crab and jellyfish. If I accidentally step on one of them, I will scream like no one.

2nd Day (28th September 2014)
We had our breakfast at Ferringhi Cafe Garden.
Their breakfast is........DAMAZING.
I think Plan B at Ipoh should learn more from them ==
Nice environment, friendly waiters, the best part of it is the price.
It is totally affordable and reasonable. 
They will serve out the coffee when they saw you are nearly finished your meal to make sure that the coffee is still warm to drink. 
How nice!

No way you dont love their beef bacon! *mouth-watering*

Swimming time right after we get back to our hotel!
Basically....he is the only 1 that swim. lol 
Snap! Snap! Snap again! 

Went to Gurney Plaza after checking out.
Movie time: The Golden Brother.
Bosco Wong sibeh handsome! Hehe.



Finally got the chance to try Bingsu! 
Not bad. But I expect to have more topping.
We ordered Coffee and Cookies&Cream flavor.

Thanks Mr.Chin for making me laugh, becoming my only sunshine for these six years.
I am too playful and hyperactive, and sometimes will make you pik cik because of that. Teehee.
I am too young to get old, both mentally and physically :P
You are the one that playing the mature role, tolerate with me all the time.
Love is not about words, is about actions.
And I believe that we both had did it well to prove that we are always love and care of each other.
There are more years to come.
We are ready and prepare for anything . Are we? ^^