colourful life

colourful life


It's ok to be fashionable.

My first expose to fashion world is through watching American Next Model.
Love it love it love it.
I know how to smize, how to be fierce.
I learnt mix and match by reading tons of fashion magazines.
I know the types of fabrics by watching Project Runway. 
and at here I would like to thank Pui Ching, as she is the one that transform me from a completely 
fashion-retarded to a  up-to-trend chick ;)

Money is always my major concern. 
I hate myself for being a truly shopaholic as most of my expenses were spent on clothes and shoes.
Both my home and hostel wardrobes almost wanna burst due to my overload outfits.
It's really hard for me to control the urge of buying new clothes and new shoes.
Fashion is my passion and there is no bottom line for me in this particular area.
I'm not that into trying new things in my life, I prefer familiar stuffs - same group of friends, same living style, same daily routine, that is fine for me. 
The ONLY thing that I'm willing to try and to change is fashion trend.
Taobao came into my life 2 years ago, and that is literally, the biggest mistake of my life.
I cant count how much money that I'd spent on taobao. It already hit RM1k for God sake.
or even more than that. 
I force myself not to think about it. Oh gosh, somebody heal me pls.
I rather use that money to travel. Guilty level up up up.

Why the hell I'm a fashion lover? Why the hell I'm so conscious about the latest trend? 
Why the hell I care so much about my fashion sense? 
And the worst part is: I'm a future teacher.
As you all know, Malaysia education system is so freaking bored and MOE will never tolerate on teachers' dress code.
"No, you cant dye your hair because you are teacher."
"No, you cant wear sleeveless shirts."
"No, you cant wear dresses that are above your knee height."
Typical Malaysia teachers will be like - messy curly hair, floral-printed blouse + chiffon dress, toes-showing brown colour sandal. No way
I will go for either one-piece dress or formal shirt + pencil skirt.
I prefer white-collar-lady look.

I'm grateful that my parents aren't a control freak towards my appearance.
I'd experienced being critic by my daddy's friend once after I got my hair dye into purple colour.
"Your daughter ah? Studying what now?"
"English education course"
"Why make yourself look like that? Teacher should have teacher look mah!" 
Hello uncle born-on-60's. I dont even know you and my daddy never say this kind of thing to me before so you think I will listen to you? I dont even give a shit
It's your business to be old-fashioned. 
Never tell me what to do unless you are the person that I care. You are just a stranger.  
Don't be judgemental ok? 
You asked me this kind of question is like embarrassed my daddy indirectly. I don't like that.
Hey, is there any law that mentioned about it's illegal for teachers to dye their hair? *eyes-rolling*

It's ok to be fashionable. Show your guts. Be confident on who you are.
Life is too short. Try crazy stuffs while you are young.
Dont pretend to be someone else.
Dont wear mask in front of others coz eventually you will find nothing beneath your mask.
Love what you chose even though it's not your 1st choice.

Ohh, this is my 100th post. 
Congratz for myself.