colourful life

colourful life


Have a great start in 2014!

The first thing that made me proud of myself in year 2014 is:
I survived Outward Bound! 

taken from Chengmin's Fb

Went to camping at Lumut from 6th-10th January with my course mates.
It's COMPULSORY so we have no choice but to attend.
I've just recovered from high fever during the exact day, thanks God that I din get any uncomfortable feeling throughout the whole camping program.

Just to summarize my camping experience, there are 3 unforgettable memories:
1) kayaking- I never thought that we have to kayak from Lumut to Pulau Pangkor. It took us almost 4 hours to reach the destination. At first when I read the program schedule, I thought that we will only kayak for fun in stead of going to another side of the sea. Instructor said that the whole journey is only 4km, sound so unbelievable....BUT, on the fourth day, we kayaked back to Lumut only takes 1 hour....amazing right? it proved that how 归心似箭 we are. lol

2) jungle trekking- hate it and never ever want to experience it anymore. LEACHES everywhere. when I first saw it on the ground, I thought it was just earthworm. But when I saw it move extremely fast on my shoes, I KNOW I WAS WRONG. We took a short break when we reached the peak, the first thing we did was: checking for leaches!! I'm truly a coward as I don't even dare to check by myself, I'm so useless!! I want to thanks Vivien and Lydia for helping me out in either checking or removing the leaches!!! The hardest part during the jungle trekking is actually the journey of getting down from the mountain. There is NO exact way to walk out from there and we need to explore it by ourselves. Thorns, slippery slopes, leaches and moist ground everywhere. Sook Fern walked in front of me, she do fall a lot and I'm so heartache to see that!!! The most heartache part is when she lost her balance while walking down a slope, and her right hand accidentally hit on a dry wood which covered with a lot of sharp thorns!!! Although she being so unfortunate throughout the journey, but I never heard she complains about it at all. She's so strong from inside to outside and I do respect her a lot!! She is my spiritual idol!!!!

3) Barbeque night- once we reached Lumut on the fourth day, we need to prepare for the barbeque night and also brainstorm for the group performance. Bella came out with the idea that we perform a short play about what we'd went thru in Pulau Pangkor, and finally we NAILED IT LIKE A BOSS. I felt so lucky that I was in a group with most of the "ki siao" ppl in our class (so sad that Jinneh and William were in the other group). We laughed, we danced, we sang, we enjoyed every moments at that night :)

My beloved group with our instructor!

Laugh like nobody (taken from chengmin's fb)

Spiritual idol- Sook Fern!!

2 left-out siao ppl that should be in our group. Lol

UTAR EP group!

Dying my hair.....AGAIN!
went for purple color this time. 
Originally planned to have blueish purple color hair, but the hairstylist suggested pinkish purple to me, for sure I followed what the hairstylist recommended lah, haha!

The first time ever, I had my hair bleached. 
Not as hurt as what I heard from others though.

The saloon I went this time is VIC at Kampar new town.
They provide tons of the hair colours for you to choose.
I 100% will visit them again!

credit to Bella :)

under day light
with flash light on. credit to Lydia :)


Monkey Sung had registered WeChat account.
and we started chatting from day to night. (actually most of the time is at night la haha!)
Feeling grateful to have a friend like him :)
We can talk on any topics, and most of our conversations during our 1st chat is..........
porn movies. 
See! How fabulous it is when u can have an opposite sex friend to discuss about porn movies with you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 
He said I'm abnormal because I told him that I love to watch porn. lol


CNY is just around the corner! Cant wait to meet my relatives and also my secondary school friends!!!