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colourful life






加油恺苑, 主与你同在 :)


Life has never meant to knock you down

Gonna be a hectic week. 
Sitting at my favorite Cafe in Kampar New Town.
Cant get myself my usual Halzenut Chocolate Frappe cause I have ran out of money and the ATM machine failed to function, so yeah. Sky juice for me.

Everything need to be done before Thursday. 
Wondering why I still got the time to do my blogging? 
Well, you know, when inspiration suddenly strike into your mind, you cant help but to stop everything you are doing right now. 
Just don't want to waste any single details that I wish to share to my beloved readers. 
(I have not much readers, *bow 90 degree* for those who willing to spend their precious time in reading my blogs, you guys have no idea how much I love you all <3 )

Life is always challenging me, forcing me to step forward.
He will never bother how many tears that you had fall, how many sleepless night that you had spent. 
He is not trying to screw you, but to give you a lesson that made you unique than someone else.

Everyone is God's creatures. So there is no reason for being judgmental. 
and I am on my way learning this. Everything will be tough at the very beginning. 
It's ok. Take your time. As long as you had try. 

Another challenge for me, a HUGE one - Silence is Golden. 
I used to be super talkative and curious in everything. 
Life gave me a punch, a seriously hard punch. *ouch*
Heart is bleeding and nobody can ever see it. 
There is useless to reveal your sadness to others, yeah somehow you can gain their sympathies (maybe?), but do remember that: there are tons of people out there, waiting to laugh at you.
What doesn't kill you make you stronger.

Sometimes I just cant understand that why people need to pretend so much for the sake of pleasing others.
I cant fake. Really cant. Maybe I should learn this as well, to protect myself.
But seriously...HOW TO FAKE?
喜怒形于色。This is me.
Hate or Love, is up to you.

It's really hard to define "mature" and....I don't t think I am mature...enough? 
I will easily taking everything too serious, okey, I'm gonna rephrase it:
I used to be easily taking everything too serious. I use to be easily getting offended. 
Chinese people will call this as "small gas" (xiao qi). Haha. 
Hey, I am a girl leh, more or less sure will xiao qi
An instant way to help you to control your "smallgas-ness" is (for me): mingle around with guys. 
Mingle around, is NOTHING to do with flirting. 
I got real manhood on me, f*ck yeah. 

Wait...wait...hold on....this is way too demanding -.-

Simple. Easy like a piece of cake ;)

Life has never meant to knock you down.
So...laugh as hard and as much as you can coz life is too short!

Nice song here to recommend. From my sweet one.
(If you are reading this, you know I am talking abt u. *chu*)